Patty and Dinah Hulet are the creators of Hulet & Hulet Art Glass Confections. In their home studio on the rural coast of northern California, they have been perfecting the recipes for these treats since 2005. They strive for the perfect balance of color, texture and design to lavishly translate the sinful decadence of gourmet chocolate and candy into the tasteful persona of art glass.


The Hulet sisters have been working together as Hulet Glass for over 28 years. All work created by Hulet Glass is done by the two talented women with no employees, assistants or apprentices. Dinah has been working in art glass for over 40 years and her work has been exhibited nationally in museum shows and fine art galleries.

In late 2005, Hulet Glass introduced the Glass Chocolates and began to build a following for the delectable collectibles. In 2007 they exhibited the chocolates at the Buyer's Market of American Crafts in Philadelphia. It was the first time that the glass chocolates were seen at a wholesale show and the buyer response was amazing.

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